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Wedding styles and trends

November 18, 2015


Dear Brides, Grooms, Readers, 

Finally, after an active wedding season, we have found the time to tell you about our favorite wedding styles & trends. Please pay attention to the fact that it is not mandatory, when you prepare your so important & beautiful day, to choose a specific style. In fact, we are here to help you to define your own and unique style by getting inspired by trends, for an exclusive wedding atmosphere that suits you best ! But to 

understand the meanings and the subtelty of wedding styles, we recommend you to read the article here below… to the end :)


1. The Classic Wedding Style – This wedding style still the most popular through time and across the world. Unfortunately, many brides are afraid of the meaning of « classic »,  however « classic » does not mean old-fashioned. This simply means that the wedding decoration & style are refined without being ostentatious. White flowers and in general white color, high flower compositions and crystal or ceramics details have always been used to obtain this classy style. From our point of view, the classic wedding style fits more to Premium Weddings by giving a luxury ambiance that the Bride & Groom are usually looking for. 


2. The Rustic Wedding Style – Very pleasant trendy style with a sweet rural touch, in a simple fashion, that would be no-frills. Of course rustic means a large wood quantity and use of traditional meadow flowers for the decoration. For this kind of wedding, the best venues are located outside cities, that could be a farm, an old property or rural hangar for example. If the venue disposes of a small forest of gardens with many trees and ideally haystacks, so you have the perfect venue. 


3. One of the most interesting trends in recent years is « Wedding by Night ». The candles illuminating the night like stars in the sky, give the sensation of living a dream. This tredn can be associated with any wedding venue, that just offers you the possibility to celebrate your so important day in another uncommon way. 


4. Another trend that we love much, is getting inspired by a Luxury Brand’s style. As you’ve probably noticed, important luxury brands always innovate and bring something new to the world of fashion, and it is very interesting to use their trends to give a special style to your wedding. Let’s take the Dior example, for the Miss Dior Campaign they  created an original wall composed of only fresh roses. For a wedding ceremony, a wall of fresh flowers could be used instead of an arch, which is the key of the Dior style. 


5. We can say that one of our favorite style is the very popular Boho style. Unlike usual styles where more common flowers & colors are used, in Boho style fantasy is allowed. Bright colors, ethnic touch, mix of different styles… Boho style is a mix of many things, with which you feel free to use your imagination by associating ideas from different styles. 


Still haven’t chosen your style ? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. In the style definition process, we create a picture of your wedding by using the general information – we look to know more about you & your couple (where are you from, where did you meet, how long have you been together…), where the wedding will take place (coutry & venue)… etc. And with those elements we will create your unique wedding in Europe.


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