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Wedding in Europe: How to choose a country?

November 23, 2015

Dear Brides, Grooms, Readers,

Today, we will talk you about our favorite countries for Weddings, and this might help you in your decision… 

Every day we receive several emails & messages from Brides & Grooms from all over the world, asking about Weddings in Europe. The question which keeps coming up all the time is : which country do you 

recommend ? Of course choosing a country is not an easy task but the question is understandable : so many beautiful countries in Europe, which are often so similar… So how to choose a country for your dreamed Wedding in Europe ? How to choose the best & most beautiful venue? Here we will try to help you with this decision by giving you general information about most popular & interesting (in our point of view) countries for weddings accross Europe. But you will see that the choice depends on you, your criteria, on where you come from and how far from an airport are you ready to go… etc. 


1. Wedding in France : 

Recommended season for a wedding in France : from March to November (Southern France), from May to October (other regions of France) 

The most popular venues in France : 

In Paris you can have your wedding in a magnificient room with a spectacular Tour Eiffel view, or in French « salons » in Napoleon style (for a very French touch). Of course in Paris you can find everything : 

beautiful terrace, boat on the Seine, castles…


Castles (of course), as we say in French « Châteaux ». We can find castles everywhere in France, but each region has its particularity that gives a special touch to the castles.You can rent a private & public castle, but also a special castle that host only events. Some of them offer accommodation. The Loire region is very popular for its castles & wines of course.


« Domaines »: very popular in France. Often less expensive than castles. The Domaines’ particularity are the colors and beautiful gardens or grounds. Domaines are often surrounded by vineyards, forests or 

lavender fields (in Provence). Usually Domaines can accommodate +/- 20 people.  



Vineyards & Castles : in Bordeaux region, the heart of French wine, you can find beautiful Domaines & Castles, surrounded by huge green vineyards. Here for sure you will get the best French wine for your 

wedding. The very good point of Bordeaux and its region is that you can relax in Cap Ferret or Arcachon which are famous seaside resorts. 


Throughout the country you can find other interesting venues as : beautiful & luxury hotels, private beaches, private villas, special wedding venues… etc. 

If we take the example of French Riviera, there you will have the choice between many castles, domaines, private villas, hotels, beaches… 



Why do we like France ? Because of the slight smell of French breakfast, the delicious smell of French perfume, its magnificent & romantic Paris, very beautiful different wedding venues for our very different Brides & Grooms from all over the world, the French cuisine & French Wine (of course !). Please notice that official registration is subject to very specific rules for foreigners. 


2. Wedding in Portugal

Recommended season for a wedding in Portugal : from March to November (Algarve Region), from May to October (other regions of Portugal). And all year round on Madera Island. 

The most popular venues in Portugal : 

Beautiful castles, accross the country, built in harmony with the whole Portuguese history & culture. The Portuguese architecture is very atypical that will make you live the way of life of this part of Europe.



Luxury resorts, located on the seafronts, often specially built to host weddings where you can enjoy the magnificient terraces or beaches with extraordinary view on the ocean.